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Hello. My name is Andrew Field. I provide PR and content strategy, creation and distribution. I always look to engage, entertain and educate. My philosophy for successful communications is simple – be busy, be relevant. Call me on 07850 933350 or email to discuss your needs.

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  • Four key lessons you need to understand about social media

    Tweeting, posting and sharing on social media poses a real dilemma for a lot of business owner-managers and professionals who want to use online platforms to reach key business audiences. Most of us already engage in social media at a personal level but there is a fear it could backfire on us when it comes to business. Three recent examples highlight the potential pitfalls. The first saw film-maker James Gunn fired as director of the lucrative $1.6bn Guardians of the Galaxy franchise when a series of his historic tweets made light of rape, pedophilia, 9/11 and the Holocaust. In one, Gunn wrote: “The best thing about being raped is when […]

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  • Three key World Cup and Wimbledon tennis lessons

    What a difference a day or two makes in sport, politics and business. Last week I wrote a blog on expertise and the concept of flow on the eve of England’s semi-final against Croatia. Sadly England came up short and they lost. The euphoria that was gripping the nation similar vanished overnight alongside the anticipated upsurge in beer and food sales. I also wrote about tennis stars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal heading seamlessly towards the final when in fact neither made it despite heroic attempts in the quarter finals (for Roger) and semi finals (for Rafael). Sports unpredictably mirrors the worlds of business and politics, where you can never […]

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  • Why some people excel and others don’t (come on England)

    This blog on expertise and the concept of flow may have a very short shelf life, depending on what happens in Russia on Wednesday 11 of July circa 7.00pm when England kick off against Croatia in the semi-final of the World Cup. Lose and the feel-good football fever that has gripped the nation during an unprecedented heatwave will quickly evaporate (and I’ll have to write another intro and republish). Win and footballing immortality beckons for Gareth Southgate and his England squad as pundits and journalists seek to explain the reasons behind England’s success. One of the reasons the team is doing well is the fact so many players are experiencing […]

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