PR and Technology

The digital age empowers pubs, bars and restaurants to engage with people delivering messages they want to hear at times when they are most receptive

8 reasons why PR & technology are a marriage made in heaven

When I first started out in public relations and communications in Manchester I handled the Boddington Pub Co account, a mixed bag of 500 pubs and pub restaurants in north-west England.

Back then promoting an individual outlet was not only a tough ask, it was also expensive.  Media platforms to reach customers were local daily and weekly newspapers, leaflet drops, on-site posters and banners or brilliant PR stories.

I once relaunched a pub in North Manchester. Loads of great coverage but it cost a small fortune for an actress to play Elizabeth 1 to knight the new landlord in front of his regulars.

Fast forward a decade or two and the PR and communications landscapes have changed thanks to the digital revolution.

Coverage on TV and radio and in newspapers is still important, but the digital age empowers pubs, bars and restaurants to engage with people delivering messages they want to hear at times when they are most receptive.

Running your own website alongside social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube makes you your own broadcaster and publisher, just like the BBC, ITV and SKY.

Like them, you’re responsible for creating and sharing exciting killer content to capture the imaginations of existing and new customers.

Digital technology doesn’t just benefit those of us working within the media. Cash and stock management in hospitality industry has also undergone an equally dramatic transformation too.

Cash registers have been replaced by powerful EPOS-based hospitality management systems operating in the cloud.

100% watertight solutions record and analyse every transaction, stock movement and activity within a hospitality business.

You can literally access any type of report you want about your business, knowing your real-time data is live and totally trustworthy.

An enormous amount of detail is available for each and every transaction, should you want to drill down deeper for more information and intelligence.

And here is the really good news.

Integrating PR and communications activities into your EPOS-based technology tools and apps, means you can measure the bottom line impact and the return on your investment.

In simple terms, you no longer need to rely on anecdotal evidence to assess the success of activity.

Instead you have total transparency. You can measure your sales, margins and costs. If you spend XYZ, you know what you’ve made on your investment and can either repeat the activity, refine it slightly and do it even better.

Critically, EPOS technology levels up the playing field. Independents and small and medium-sized multiples can access the same tools as the big boys, allowing them to grow and grab market-share without busting the bank.

In this white paper, I share eight reasons why integrating EPOS-based technology and great content creation makes perfect sense for you and your customers and guests.

Enjoy reading it. If you have any queries and want independent, impartial advice about combining PR and EPOS technology, don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail at or call 07850 933350.