Standing out from the crowd has never been more challenging. After all, we are busier communicating with each other and more connected globally than we’ve ever been. At the time of writing, just under half the world’s population (46.1%) is online (over 3,600,000,000 people). We’re operating 1,231,343,424 websites and crafting, drafting and posting 5,000,000 blogs every 24 hours. Every single second we’re sharing 7,000 tweets, uploading 729 images to Instagram, watching 125,406 videos on You Tube and conducting 54,000 Google searches (back in 1998 when it launched Google was serving a paltry 10,000 search queries per day). Even these dramatic stats will be out of date by the time you […]

We live in fast moving times where instant satisfaction has become the order of the day for many, especially in the services sectors where decisions have to be made in a matter of seconds. One leading restaurant operator once said his staff had about 10 seconds to resolve a customer’s complaint before they had lost them for good. This is increasingly the case for others, such as printers, technology providers and creatives, who have traditionally enjoyed longer timeframes. However, nowadays people are demanding faster turnarounds than ever before. For some this is a lot easier than done. Others rise to the challenge. I was talking to a couple of authors […]

When I first started out in public relations and communications in Manchester I handled the Boddington Pub Co account, a mixed bag of 500 pubs and pub restaurants in north-west England. Back then promoting an individual outlet was not only a tough ask, it was also expensive.  Media platforms to reach customers were local daily and weekly newspapers, leaflet drops, on-site posters and banners or brilliant PR stories. I once relaunched a pub in North Manchester. Loads of great coverage but it cost a small fortune for an actress to play Elizabeth 1 to knight the new landlord in front of his regulars. Fast forward a decade or two and […]

Sobering news of an unprecedented 6% rise in foodservice price inflation in March highlights the scale of the “costs” challenge confronting the hospitality industry in an uncertain post-Brexit UK. The latest edition of the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index, published in late April, reveals a dramatic rise in the price of fish and continued sugar, meat, cereal and vegetable inflation is at the root of spiralling costs of production facing food operators. According to the report in Propel’s Morning Briefing, “the inflation rate of 6.0% is substantially up on historical averages, and March prices were higher year-on-year in all ten sub-categories of the Foodservice Price Index measured by Prestige Purchasing […]

We’re only half way through 2017 and already we’re being spoilt for candidates for the PR Gaffe of the Year Award. In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May is a clear favourite. Her entire election campaign was one entire PR disaster from start to finish. It’s hard to decide what caused the most damage: her refusal to debate live on TV with the other party leaders, the ill-conceived Strong & Steady (weak and wobbly anyone?) campaign slogan or the ill-conceived and confused so-called Dementia Tax! One thing is for certain, she won’t be fronting another general election for the Tories. On the other side of the pond, USA President Donald […]