Expert (adj) highly practised and skilful, or well informed, on a subject – (n) a person who is expert in a subject; (attrib.) of or being an expert.  Oxford English Dictionary The Oxford English Dictionary defines an expert as a person highly practised and skilful or well informed on a subject. But while you may have these attributes, proving it to people who do not know you is another matter. Fortunately, there are two distinctive PR and communications routes at our disposal to highlight exactly why you have earned the right to be described as an expert in your niche sector. First, there is traditional ‘indirect’ press and PR activity […]

When you are building your B2B content you should focus on two clearly defined objectives. First, you want to capture the attention of your customers, potential customers, peers and opinion formers. Second, you want to give them a call to action. That’s it. Websites, blogs, news releases, feature articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, e-cards – they are all simply different ways of targeting people you want to reach. The trick is to ensure your content is interesting, relevant and authoritative. You do this be showing how you can solve the problems they face in their business world with your expertise, products, services and consultancy advice. How do you do this? As […]

Social media for the uninitiated – and this could apply to a surprising number of busy B2B professionals – is like diving into the unknown. Pretty scary and intimidating. And once you’ve taken the plunge, it’s very easy to swim around in ever increasing circles, expending a lot of effort without knowing where you are going. Fortunately, there are numerous resources out there to help you understand. And help you evaluate how big a splash you want to make. Two stand out for me. Hubspot has published a great series of social media guides to market its all-in-one marketing software. (I’ve combined some of Hubspot’s guides and other good stuff for […]

Does this sound familiar to you? You are successful in your own chosen profession, business or industry, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in your niche market. Now you want to share what you know with your peers – and existing and potential clients –  to highlight your status as a trusted expert. Obviously you know all about the power of blogging. Read lots.  Like them.  Especially those that made relevant points quickly and succinctly. Helped you with your business. Your thinking. How you view your work/life balance. You’ve heard blogs help generate leads. Are a smart and cost effective marketing tool to take your expertise to market. […]

Forget all about the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press. There are two key things you really need to know about the vast majority of journalists and their editors in the UK, especially those working in the B2B sector. First. They want stories from you. Busy journalists work to tight deadlines and are constantly under pressure to research and write stories of beneficial interest to the readers of their print, broadcast and online publications. They want as much help as possible to be able to do this. If they are supplied with all the facts presented clearly and logically they are more than happy. […]