Original, engaging content is critical to any PR and communications activity where you are looking to win the hearts and minds of your key stakeholders. 

All you say and do impacts on how people perceive you and your business. Whether by design or default, you are constantly creating an impression. Good and your business will thrive. Bad and you probably won’t. A halfway house and you won’t really ever realise your full potential.

Your content should be fresh, informative, relevant – even fun.

People love stories so make sure you tell yours has a compelling narrative. 


Your tone of voice drives the personality of your brand. It should be consistent so people recognise and trust it.

Here are a few ways you can generate great content.

Press releases & articles 

A staple ingredient for B2B PR (and consumer), the press release is an essential tool to disseminate all the relevant facts of a compelling story clearly and concisely.

A well produced press release helps makes a journalist’s job a lot easier as everything they need to write their own story is contained in yours.

However, your press releases don’t need excessive spin or hype. You just need the facts, a hook and an understanding of what your target media wants from you to keep their own readers excited and informed.

They need to be planned, researched and written in advance rather than produced as an after-thought.

Always give yourself plenty of time to produce your press release. This includes not only researching and writing the story but also getting all the necessary approvals.

Equally important is ensuring is distributed effectively to optimise its impact.

Articles and opinion pieces are your opportunity to talk or write (blog) about your area of expertise and give context to burning issues of the day, relating to your own business, sector or the economy as a whole.

WWW copy and social media content management

Your www is your very own ‘broadcast’ media, a platform you control in its entirety.

Your www should be much, much more than a brochure or a shop window on the internet.

Your web content should be fresh, current and newsy (otherwise, you are missing out on an opportunity and giving your business rivals a competitive advantage).

A regular SEO-friendly diet of original content is essential – including words, audio and video.

News stories and blogs to online special offers and e-card or electronic newsletter campaigns will give you unprecedented interactive access to your stakeholders.

Magazines & Newsletters

Magazines and newspapers give you total control of how and what you want to say to people. Printed or electronic, the key skills are the same including editorial production, photo research, design, layouts and artwork.


Well-written brochures give you total control of the message – and look and feel of your brand. An effective brochure, or portfolio of brochures, help persuade people to engage with you. Translates your facts and features into benefits. Sells your services. Wins you business. They are still integral to the marketing mix.

Advertising & Direct Mail

Advertising and direct mail generate sales and awareness about you and your business. Whether it’s part of a planned campaign to build your brand or tactical activity to boost sales leads, advertising and direct mail must show end user benefits, engage with your audience and carry an easy to follow call-to-action.

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