Although you don’t need to jump up and down like a clown to draw attention to yourself, you do need to make sure you’re clearly visible across both traditional and digital media platforms.

If you’re not seen, you’re simply going to be ignored.

How do you make sure you’re going to have a prominent profile in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace?

Here are three tips to optimise your public persona. Be Seen. Be everywhere. And be busy.

  1. The core messages, expertise and opinions you generate should be disseminated across numerous media channels from print and broadcast media to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

  2. Core content can always be repurposed and/or used again with different hooks to engage with your audience and key stakeholders at different times.

  3. The key is always to be busy and active and looking to attract attention points. Doing nothing generates zilch interest.

How can I help you make sure you’re seen?

Once you’ve got the right strategy in place, you need to make sure you also have the relevant pipelines to feed your various media platforms.

I can help you set these up, create the content and distribute it whilst also monitoring its success to pre-agreed performance criteria.

Want to discuss how?

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