Work, like life, is simple. Here’s how I work. If your question is not answered below call 07850 933350 or email andrew@afc-uk.co.uk.

What does being ‘independent’ actually mean?

As it says. I am an independent PR and communications consultant. I am not part of  organisation carrying large overheads. Nor do I have to optimise profit at every opportunity. I am not answerable to any shareholders.

I am free to work with who I want. Because I am independent, I am also free to ensure you get the best impartial advice possible.

The challenge I enjoy most is ensuring clients get the best possible service so they can grow their businesses successfully with my help.

Do I do everything?

My core skills are writing, strategy and implementation. I  project manage all aspects of the PR, communications and marketing for clients, calling upon brilliant third party specialists (design, artwork, web development, coding, photography, print etc) when required.

Do I pitch for work?

Nope. Just like the book industry shoots itself in the foot with automatic price discounting, so does the creative industries when people pitch for nowt. You would never dream of asking a dozen dentists to do pitch for your teeth with test crowns or lawyers and accountants to give you free advice while you decide which one you like best? An initial chat will decide if we are compatible and whether I am able to help you with your PR and communications challenges.

What do I charge?

My fees are charged on either a) fixed fee to cover my services from the start to finish of a project b) retainer for an agreed programme of work c) an hourly rate for an agreed individual project. (If I am managing third parties on your behalf a project management fee may be included).

How much will it cost me?

How long is a piece of string? We’ll need to discuss your brief and what you want to achieve and when. We can then work out the best way of doing this and cost everything so there are no surprises for you – or me.

What are my standard terms and conditions?

We will work to a Letter of Agreement (LoA). The LoA outlines who you are as the client, confirms your business details, identifies the project and details objectives, deliverables, timelines, fees and payment schedule. Acceptance of the LoA and our Terms of Engagement (ToE) have to be confirmed in writing by post or email by both you (as the client) and me as the PR and communications consultant.

What are my payment terms?

These will be outlined in the LoA.  Invoices are sent electronically and are payable as per the LoA. Any invoice queries must take place within 48 hours of submission.

Who owns the copyright to creative work?

Copyright remains with the creator, Andrew Field, or a named third-party unless otherwise agreed in the LoA. If it is assigned following full settlement, Andrew Field, or the third party, will share copyright with you.