In the business world social media and business networking platforms are crying out for good, robust, interesting content — which is why there has never been a better time to market and promote your business to a wider audience. 

The benefits are clear; creating and sharing your own content builds confidence and starts conversations with the people that matter to you, whoever they are. 

However, one of the biggest challenges for busy small and medium sized business owner managers like you is how to produce gripping compelling content without it being too time consuming, stressful or a major distraction from your core activities when it is not your primary job function?

This is where I can help you. 

In a highly competitive marketplace, the quality of your content will differentiate you from your competitors and your peers.

The more you engage, educate and entertain, the louder your voice – and the greater the authority and impact of the content you produce, publish and share.

Content should excite and motivate the people. And should be fresh, informative, relevant – and fun.

My approach is simple. 

First you need to be busy. If you don’t do or say anything, you’ll never, ever be noticed. You might have the best products, services, people and reputation but these assets will mean absolutely zilch if potential customers and clients don’t know about them. 

Being busy means creating and sharing content on a regular basis, not every couple of months or once a quarter.  You should look to publish content at least once a fortnight on your own website and engage comment on important issues about your sector on an almost daily basis via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Never worry about swamping people with too much information. If it is relevant to them, they will want to see it. Even if they don’t know you, they will search online for the answers you are offering. If you identity the challenges they are facing and show them solutions they will be interested in what you have to say. 

Adopt a ‘be busy, be relevant; philosophy and you will quickly have the basis for becoming a great content provider and authority in your specific field. 

What I can do for you … 

I can provide strategic advice and content creation for:

  • Press releases; news stories & blogs; articles/features; case studies 

  • Websites, e-Books; e-cards

  • Magazines; newsletters; white papers

  • Speeches; video; ghostwriting; content strategy 

Why me? 

There many ways to produce great content. You can employ a PR and content agency to do the work for you or use independent content and communications consultants like me. Alternatively, you can do it in-house, either delegating the work to an employee who may or may not be a marketing specialist or do it yourself.  

They all have obvious pros and cons. Agencies and consultancies can be expensive but you can benefit from their experience and expertise working with a range of clients operating in similar sectors to you and facing the same challenges. Using your own in-house resources will probably be cheaper although you might not be able to call upon the same breadth of experience or contacts. However, you and your own people will know your business and your customers far better than anyone else. 

If you are going down the DIY route and doing the work yourself, you can access plenty of brilliant and informative books, courses, experts and champions   — although the vast majority of these content gurus will over complicate for the needs of SME business owner managers looking for immediate results.  


I am upfront and transparent about my costs. You simply buy scheduled blocks of my time rather than an hourly or day rate. A single block of time costs £150.00 (175 euros or $215). The number of blocks you buy depends upon your brief and the content you want me to create for you.