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How to enrich your content marketing by following these 10 easy rules

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Top 10 golden rules to enrich your content marketing 

The media and marketing landscape has altered beyond recognition over the last five to ten years in the wake of the digital revolution.

You have never had it so good when it comes to influencing the people that matter to you because you can create and share your own content in print, on-air, online and via social media-platforms. 

Generating and distributing your own original content is a powerful way to encourage people to engage and regularly talk about you, your products, your services and your people.

No other marketing discipline empowers you to control directly reach out to your stakeholders. 

However, like anything new and innovative, people have different levels of experience and expertise.  

A 2018 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) benchmarking report states that while 39% of this year’s UK respondents are in the sophisticated/mature phase of content marketing maturity, 26% are in the adolescent phase and 34% are in the young/first steps phase. 

Here are my 10 golden rules are designed for the 60% in the adolescent or early stages of implementing content marketing. 

Rule 1: Write down what you’re doing and why

Rule 2: Study & learn from your competitors 

Rule 3: Allocate sufficient cash, resources and time to succeed

Rule 4: Build e-mail lists, likes, shares, connections and retweets

Rule 5:  Open a knowledge bank to deposit and withdraw your expertise    

Rule 6: Always aim to be useful, relevant, adding practical value 

Rule 7: Start telling great stories with great headlines

Rule 8: Be active and distribute compelling content regularly  

Rule 9: Benchmark to measure your performance 

Rule 10: Lead rather than follow & don’t be afraid to be original 

Bonus Rule 11: Always be positive and constructive, encourage and motivate. There is never any need to nag or berate.

My aim is to simplify your content strategy, creation, distribution and measurement.

Once you’ve read the 10 golden rules, you should feel more confident about developing and implementing  your content marketing strategies.